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Power Supply Expert Series™


Stephen B. Kinsella

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Value Analysis Expert™

Stephen B. Kinsella is the founder and principal of Data Leverage Group, LLC. He is a supply chain management professional with over 20 years of experience in the healthcare supply chain. As President of DLG, Steve is responsible for the strategic direction of DLG. He is also responsible for all business development and strategic partnerships. In the past, Steve has helped many healthcare organizations to assess and identify non-labor savings opportunities, from operational redesign and improvement projects to extensive supply cost reduction.


His focus has been to identify quantitative, data driven opportunities for savings and improvements that support quick implementation by working closely with supply chain and value analysis teams.

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Ashlea Souffrou

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UDI Implementation Expert™

Ashlea Souffrou is a 15-year veteran of the medical device industry with a passion and dedication to uncovering sustainable and cost-saving solutions within the healthcare domain. She is the founder and CEO of SxanPro, a technology company that digitizes inventory processes in hospital supply chain. In 2021, Ashlea was awarded a patent for her mobile application technology that extracts product data from a medical device by scanning the UDI (manufacturer) barcode.


She is a Certified Materials & Resource Professional (CMRP) through the American Hospital Association (AHA) and actively partners with medical missions throughout the country by donating the SxanPro software and medical supplies. Ashlea resides in Grand Rapids, Michigan with her husband and three sons.

Vincent Matozzo

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Interoperability Expert™

Vin Matozzo is a dynamic and results-oriented, transformational & forward-thinking leader who continually drives change and delivers results for clients, corporations, and consortiums. He is a catalyst for the next level of senior operations executives who are passionate about healthcare, technology and entrepreneurial business development. As a serial collaborator, Vin is constantly in exploration of technology innovations and services that support greater business efficiency and data visualization with LEAN and AGILE methodology. With his extensive skills around process design creating strategies, building consensus/synergies through integration and collaborative approaches engaging stakeholders through cultural silos, Vin has changed the way interoperability is understood within the healthcare ecosystem. 


Skilled in designing and implementing innovative business architectures, models, and processes, he has produced dramatic results for his clients. Vin is a LEAN and AGILE process modeling subject matter expert with accolades in all facets from pre-award modeling to post-award monitoring including acquisition strategy, legal and regulatory overview, data visualization, revenue and profitability control, negotiation, value analysis, procurement, logistics enablement, data governance, and disbursement.

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Richard Palarea

  • LinkedIn - White Circle

Implant Spend Management Expert™

Richard Palarea is the CEO of Kermit, a Baltimore-based healthcare cost reduction and spend management company bringing automation and insight into the high-spend category of implantable medical devices within hospitals and health systems. Since its founding in 2011, Kermit has saved hospitals more than $200 million and manages 40% of the implantable device spend transacting in Maryland. Kermit has been recognized in multiple years as an Inc. 5000 company and by the Baltimore Business Journal as a Fast 50 company and a Top Software Company ranked by local revenue, as well as SmartCEO’s Future 50. Kermit is the recipient of industry awards, including the Federation of American Hospitals’ Heartbeat of Healthcare for its work as an innovative partner helping hospitals manage costs during a global pandemic.

Guillermo M. Ramas

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Medical Device Recall Expert™

Guillermo is a serial intra/entrepreneur with 24+ years of healthcare technology experience that prides himself in designing, developing and taking to market innovative solutions that address industry-wide problems. Guillermo is Founder and CEO of NotiSphere, a healthcare technology startup revolutionizing the way the industry handles medical recall communications. Before NotiSphere, Guillermo served as Chief Executive Officer of Genesis Automation USA, a subsidiary of the fastest growing provider of traceability solutions for the healthcare industry in Ireland and the UK. Guillermo was also Executive Vice-President for the Commercial Group at Zynx Health, a leader of evidence and experience-based products and services for the healthcare industry. Prior to Zynx Health, Guillermo worked at VHA and Novation (now Vizient) where he was instrumental in designing, developing and commercializing innovative price benchmarking solutions and analytics applications that still today save hospitals hundreds of millions every year and generate millions in revenue.

Earlier in his career, Guillermo also held positions at CSC Consulting, EYT (formerly Ernst & Young Technologies) and Shared Medical Systems (now Cerner). Guillermo holds a BS in economic sciences and business, from the University of Navarra, Spain and a Senior Executive Program degree from IESE Business School.

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