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Power Supply Interoperability Expert™

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Interoperability across various health systems in and out of the supply chain ecosystem will be the differentiator and the definitive strategic advantage..."

-Vincent Matozzo
Straight from the Interoperability Expert
September 2022 - PS Vin Expert Series.png

"Business practices and decision-making are increasingly data-driven as companies seek to leverage data..."

June 22 - PS Interoperability Expert Series.png

"Data visualization tools allow “data storytellers” to animate seemingly static data into eye-catching..."

June 2022 - PS Vin Expert Series.png

"The key to success is underlying support with IT protocols, visualization, and interpretation services all while..."

March 2022 - PS Vin Expert Series.png

"Building the supply chain control tower fueled by interoperable data in today’s increasingly demanding..."

January 2022 - PS Vin Expert Series.png

"It allows for better workflows, reduced ambiguity, and improves the quality of care, reduction of cost and..."

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