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Great products and services drive the Healthcare supply chain industry forward. But where do hospital professionals go to hear about the newest innovations hitting the market, or discuss a cutting edge service offering that may change the way their department is run?  

Through our new Power Supply Vendor Spotlight series, we've created a platform for vendors to talk about their products and tell their brand story in a creative, conversational, and informative setting.

No appointment necessary. No five-minute speed conversation in a loud expo hall. No cold calls. 

Real Insights. Real Comparisons. Real Value. 

More Vendor Spotlights releasing soon!

Untapped Potential

The Real Opportunities in Inventory & Vendor Management

I Can See Clearly Now

Gain Instant Visibility into Expiration Dates Using the UDI

A New View on Revenue

Transforming Healthcare Systems Through Supply Chain

Counting the Clinical Costs

A Roadmap to Reduce Your Implant Spend

A Harm-Free 21st Century

Medical Device Recalls Built for Today's Providers

Near When You Need Them

Hacking the Disposable Tourniquets Supply Chain

Value Analysis Automation

Codifying Workflows

Customized by Design

Exploring the Intersection of Safety and Efficiency in Sterile Storage

Breathe Easy

Reusable Laryngoscope Systems Designed with Safety and Sustainability in Mind

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