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Justin Poulin & Hank Balch
Justin and Hank founded Beyond Clean in 2017 with the transformational idea of connecting the individuals in Sterile Processing through innovative, disruptive platforms such as podcasting, social media, and new technology. They combined Justin’s passion for podcasting with Hank’s expertise as a well-known industry writer, blogger, and social media connoisseur. Together, and with the help of the team they built, Beyond Clean was changing the way the Sterile Processing industry thought about education.


So, what does this have to do with Power Supply?

As the Beyond Clean platform grew, Hank and Justin would constantly get asked, “How many of your followers are from Healthcare Supply Chain?” Or, they would get told, “You need to be doing this for Healthcare Supply Chain professionals as well!” They listened and realized that there was a need to bring the same industry disruption to the Supply Chain that they had brought to Sterile Processing.

But while Justin had been the education chair of his regional AHRMM chapter for 5 seasons, they realized that they were going to need more experts who were passionate about healthcare to join them if they were going to start another company dedicated to bringing relevant education to #healthcaresupplychain.

And that’s where Hays and Garry entered the picture. From the very first planning meeting, Hays and Garry brought energy, humor and experience to the table and it was clear that Power Supply was going to succeed in challenging the status quo for providing Healthcare Supply Chain education to bring together the people, processes, and products that are moving the healthcare industry forward in a way that has never been seen before.

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