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Bringing It Home: Reshoring and Reinvigorating Supply

Vendor Spotlight™ Featuring Ashlynne Basile and Kevin Anderson

Bringing It Home: Reshoring and Reinvigorating Supply

The last few years of the healthcare supply chain has been fraught with challenges, delays, and frustrations. What has our industry learned? And more importantly, what are we changing to better support the fundamental mission of safe surgical care? On this Power Supply Vendor Spotlight™ we talk with Ashlynne Basile, Marketing Director and Kevin Anderson, Clinical Education Specialist at Healthmark Industries, about the major commitment their company has shown to sure up their own supply chain and "bring it home" in an effort to become an even more reliable hospital partner. Tune in now to learn how their team navigated the search for alternative sources of supply to lead the way in quality, consistency, and dependability at a time when hospitals needed it most!

Visit, call 1-800-521-6224, or check out their customer letter for more information:

Follow Healthmark Industries on Linkedin, Facebook, and YouTube -- and don't forget to check out Kevin's podcast "Ask the Educator" available anywhere podcasts are heard!

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