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Clearing the Clutter: Overcoming Hospital Equipment Storage Struggles

Vendor Spotlight™ Featuring Ashley Jackson & Curtis McEntire

Clearing the Clutter: Overcoming Hospital Equipment Storage Struggles

“We don’t have enough space!” “Where is all of this old equipment supposed to go?” If this sounds familiar, and you’ve got a basement or warehouse full of old, unused equipment, then tune in to this eye-opening Power Supply Vendor Spotlight™ with Ashley Jackson, VP of Business Development and Curtis McEntire, Founder and CEO at Mazree. Most hospitals do not have an asset disposition program, which leaves our storage spaces and equipment rooms overflowing with old, outdated, unused equipment. This not only leads to frustration, but also to lost revenue. Find out how Mazree is changing the equipment landscape by connecting hospitals with their buyer network and providing services to resale, redeploy, or recycle their old equipment.

Mazree makes it possible to easily sell your surplus and used hospital equipment to validated, reputable buyers throughout their buyer network. With a regular schedule for equipment pickup, coordination of recycling for anything that doesn’t have resale value, status reports, and financial statements for tax purposes, Mazree helps bring your hospital a source of new revenue and takes the maze out of equipment trade-ins.

Find out more by visiting, by emailing, or by calling 866-512-5533. You can also follow Mazree on LinkedIn!

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