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Counting the Clinical Costs: A Roadmap to Reduce Your Implant Spend

Vendor Spotlight™ Featuring Richard Palarea

Counting the Clinical Costs: A Roadmap to Reduce Your Implant Spend

Who really has the power in implant cost negotiations in your hospital? How do you get the strategic insights you need to gain better pricing and cost controls across your health system when every dollar counts? Richard Palarea, CEO of Kermit, joins us for this Power Supply Vendor Spotlight™ to talk about how their team created a software that prevents supplier overcharging through business and clinical rules applied to every implant supplier bill. Rich dives into how their hospital partners can boast of a 20-30% cost reduction from previous implant spends, as Kermit takes full ownership of the implant RFP process, working together with internal supply chain resources to obtain fair market costs for implants used. Hospital supply chain needs a dedicated resource who not only knows the products being procured but has intimate knowledge of the contracting strategies of these manufacturers. And they need purpose-built technology that can automate the paper-based process and accurately manage costs. Tune in to hear how Kermit is making this a reality in facilities across the US today!

BONUS: Receive a complimentary PO analysis for the first 5 supply chain leaders who message Rich on LinkedIn ( This PO analysis will show savings opportunities in leading service lines by product and manufacturer.

Learn more by visiting Kermit at Follow them on Linkedin at Check out the "Healing the Hospital" podcast here

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