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Untapped Potential: The Real Opportunities in Inventory & Vendor Management

Vendor Spotlight™ Featuring Jeff Wertz

Untapped Potential: The Real Opportunities in Inventory & Vendor Management

Is it possible to have true alignment between Supply Chain & Sterile Processing around the challenges of vendor management & vendor inventory? What if you didn't have to build these bridges alone?

Joining us for this Power Supply Vendor Spotlight™ is Jeff Wertz, Chief Commercial Officer of Surgio Health to speak with us about the power of data & information to tap into the massive potential within Supply Chain, OR/Sterile Processing, and Vendor partnerships. There are many companies out there claiming to address this piece of the puzzle and that piece of the puzzle, but the team at Surgio Health goes beyond the symptoms of broken processes and works with healthcare facilities to get to the root of their vendor inventory issues to solve the real disease. Listen as Jeff describes how Surgio Health is removing the traditional barriers to entry to next-generation instrument tracking and applying a unique consultative approach to working with all members of the surgical workflow.

This is one conversation you won't want to miss!

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To book a demo, visit or directly contact Jeff Wertz at

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