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Without supplies, there is no surgery.

Without products, there is no patient care.

Welcome to Power Supply

The Healthcare Supply Chain Podcast

focused on helping you navigate the intricacies of logistics, purchasing, contracting and supplier relationships.



Each episode we speak with healthcare executives, supply chain leaders, and innovative entrepreneurs from across the country as they share their stories, experience and expertise on the industry we love. From the loading dock to strategic sourcing, for buyers to the C-Suite and across the enterprise -- we tackle the real-life issues impacting the health care supply chain.

Whether you’re tuning in for conversation or inspiration, we’re glad you're here.  You’re just in time to hear it from the source and stock up on insight, so sit back and plug into Power Supply…

Our Mission:

We exist to serve as the central nexus for the people, processes, and products that are driving the health care supply chain forward.

To creatively solve one of safe surgery’s biggest challenges – hardwiring healthcare supply chain excellence across the continuum of patient care.

Our Values:

● Education 

● Engagement 

● Innovation

Our Vision:

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